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Dedicated to personalized care in a compassionate setting

Sight is Precious


It is the one sense we rely on most heavily. We at Retina Associates believe that good eyesight is important to a well-rounded life, and to that end we are devoting ourselves. We hope that, with the aid of our professional training and the latest medical technology, your visit to us will be a positive experience—comfortable, informative and pleasant.

Our Practice

The Retina Associates practice is limited to disorders of the retina and vitreous. Most commonly this includes retinal tears and detachment, diabetes-related eye disorders, macular degeneration, eye injuries, vitreous problems and tumors inside the eye. Each doctor is an ophthalmologist who has had additional special training in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the retina and vitreous; all have had extensive experience.

It is important for patients and their families to be fully informed about their eyes and any problems they may be experiencing as well as the treatment for them. We are happy to provide brochures and to show video tapes that may apply to your specific eye condition.

In addition, Doctors Javid, Harris, Saavedra and Walsh make a special effort to explain each phase of diagnosis and treatment to patients. Our personnel and equipment are specially selected to benefit our patients. All doctors are Board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

What to Expect

Your first visit will last approximately two hours, so please allow that much time in order that we may assess your visual problems properly. Follow-up examinations generally take less time. On your first visit we will open your file with a medical history, insurance information and the names of your referring and personal doctors.

You will then undergo a full eye examination with the emphasis on the retina and vitreous problems for which you were referred to us. Please remember it is necessary to dilate your pupils to have a retinal evaluation, therefore we prefer you have someone who can transport you after the appointment. Also you will need to have dark glasses to protect your eyes against the bright Arizona sunlight. If necessary, we can provide disposable sun shields.

It is part of our routine to keep your referring doctors informed of your progress. A complete report will be sent after your examination and during any necessary therapeutic program. For your protection additional reports require your written authorization. All our doctors are under contract with many health care providers and are participating physicians with Medicare.

Please be reassured that we will cooperate with you in all financial matters.

If you have a Non-urgent matter regarding, Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, or Cancellation Please Text (520) 617-2852 for appointment requests.